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    What is street skating?


    Roller skating on inlines and quads can take many forms, freestyle, slalom, hockey, speed, aggressive and dance to name a few. Street skating is, as it sounds: putting on your skates and taking to the public streets either by yourself or in a group. It can be found globally as small informal groups of skaters or even mass organised events attracting thousands of people.

    The fun and exhilaration of skating public roads with a huge mass of people has to be experienced to be understood. As well as being great for fitness it has a fantastic social scene and is by far the easiest form of skating to join in and gain competence at quickly.

    Organised street skates are usually Marshalled by experienced skaters and approved by the local authorities. The famous Pari-roller can attract tens of thousands and has become a tourist attraction in itself. There are also huge organised skates in other cities such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Barcelona and they all provide a unique way to experience a city and meet likeminded skaters in other countries.

    What is LondonSkate?


    LondonSkate is the Capitals Wednesday night street skate that takes place weekly during the summer months, the emphasis being that it is both FREE and FUN. It has been running since the millennium and takes around a two hour tour of the city at an intermediate pace along a previously planned route. Between two and five hundred punters roll each week, slickly Marshalled by a team of experienced skaters accompanied by a huge custom built sound system to create a true party vibe. The atmosphere is fantastic and before you know it you are hooked.

    LondonSkate is not a protest and does not aim to disrupt traffic or cause obstruction. It is in contact with the City of London and the Metropolitan Police Forces and also the royal parks. There is no agenda beyond the skating, except that we ask that you have a fun filled experience on your wheels and join in with the massive social scene that follows LondonSkate wherever it goes.

    This website contains all the essential information you need to join in, rules, routes, start point and times as well as some background and history of how we began and the birth of our amazing sound system. Links to our friends, previous sponsors and other street skates around the world are also listed, as are other special events such as the hugely successful SantaSkate.

    If you can complete the Sunday Stroll or are comfortable making short journeys on skates, stopping and turning then the LondonSkate should be no problem. If you fancy trying out street skating then get yourself some wheels and perhaps some lessons from some of our recommended instructors and join in the fun, LondonSkate is always happy to see new smiling faces.